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To the People of the free world: Unite with Iranian people

In the arson tragedy of the city of Abadan’s Rex movie theater on the night of August 19, 1978, by the Islamic and Leftist revolutionaries led by the founders of the Islamic Republic, 420 men, women and children burned alive while watching a movie. Over the eight-year period of Iraq’s war against Iran, hundreds of thousands of Khuzestanis, men, women, and children, were killed, maimed, or displaced. Due to faulty dam constructions, corrupt and inept management, and a kleptocratic industry owned and operated by members of the Revolutionary Guards, Khuzestanis have witnessed the gradual death of their wetlands in the region, including Bakhtegan, Tashk, Kaftar, Maharloo, Hamoon, Choghakhor, Gavkhoni, Jazmourian, and the Karun River. People in Iran’s oil-rich region suffer from water shortages and polluted air, from particulate matter and airborne dust.

In May of 2022, we witnessed another catastrophe with the collapse of the Metropol Tower in Abadan. These successive tragedies occur due to the inept and corrupt management of Khamenei’s totalitarian mafia. This particular collapse happened due to the deliberate violation of the existing building and construction codes, in order to minimize the cost and maximize the profits for the regime connected goons and criminals.

Months ago, the builders were warned by the structural engineers that the ten story Metropol building project could collapse. Ans so it did. Dozens of people were killed and injured,  hundreds are still feared missing and under the rubble.

Khuzestan is a legendary land of heroic men and women. It embodies a precious heritage and invaluable history of Iran. The central part of Iran’s ancient and long civilization. While the Iranians were mourning for Abadan, corrupt regime henchmen were celebrating the newly released “Hail to the Leader” anthem at Azadi Stadium, instead of addressing and responding to the oppressed people of Abadan. This was an obscene regime propaganda piece modeled on Nazi Germany’s Sieg Heil, comprised of young children forced to sing the praises of the Theocratic leader Ali Khamenei.

Instead of offering solutions to the people’s needs, the regime responds with intimidation, coercion, bullets, incarceration, torture and execution.

We ask the people of the free world,  the good people of the United States, the cradle of modern democracy; the good people of France, the cradle of enlightenment; the good people of United Kingdom, the world’s oldest living democracy; and all the other good free people of the world: What happened to your human rights values?

As hundreds of participant videos posted on social media tell the truth about the streets of Iran, where thousands of peaceful and unarmed, people have been in the streets for weeks demanding their freedom, justice and civil rights from the oppressive and brutal apartheid regime of the Islamic Republic, the elected governments of your democratic countries, which claim to be the arbiters of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in the United Nations and the European Union, remain silent and have turned a blind eye to the gross human rights abuses and violations by these international terrorists, hostage takers and extortionists masquerading as a government.

The Islamic Republic has continuously used the Russian and Chinese vetoes at the UN, to continue with its malign activities and policies in the Middle East and other regions..

In 1988, the US government and the European Union chose to remain silent in the face of violent repression in Iran.  During the protests in November 2009, 1,500 Iranian citizens were shot in three days and hundreds were imprisoned. Instead of supporting the people, the US and Europe chose appeasement of their torturers and executors.

There is bloodshed in the streets of Khuzestan now, and people from all over Iran have rallied with the aggrieved of Abadan, but the silence of the United States and Europe once gain reeks of appeasement of oppression.

Iran is one of the richest countries in the world where the Theocratic Kleptocrats spend the people’s treasure not on their welfare, needs or interest, but on exporting and supporting terrorism and mayhem in the region and the world. The Islamic Republic is the world’s leader in executions. Conscientious and dedicated  teachers are harassed, imprisoned, and beaten, and accused of being western spies.
Appeasement of the Islamic Republic, and remaining silent in the face of the gross violation of human rights by the Theocratic fascist regime, in order to negotiate another ill-conceived nuclear agreement will be remembered bitterly by the Iranian people, history and humanity.

On behalf of the people of Iran, we beseech you, citizens of the Free democracies, to urge your   governments and representatives to end their appeasement of the evil, corrupt and brutal regime of the Islamic Republic in Iran, and instead support the aspirations of the Iranian people for a free, just and democratic future.

Iran National Council for Free Elections


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