1. We adhere to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (dated December 10th, 1948), international conventions, and covenants.
  2.  We unequivocally believe in the preservation of Iran’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and national unity.
  3.  We recognize that Iran is comprised of various ethnic groups that form the unified Iranian nation. We believe in the equal rights of all citizens regardless of their ethnicity, race, colour, religious and political beliefs and culture.
  4. We unequivocally oppose any foreign military invasion or attack against Iran.
  5. We believe in national reconciliation and reject violence and revenge, and emphasize the implementation of justice through legal institutions and respect for human rights.
  6. We believe in secularism and the separation of religion and state with guarantees for freedom of religions and beliefs.
  7. We support the abolition of the death penalty and torture;
  8. We believe in freedom of thought, expression, press, association, political parties, and trade unions with the right to strike.
  9. We support equal rights for men and women in every sphere of life, such as political, social, economic and cultural spheres;
  10. We support children’s rights and interests in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child (dated November 20th 1989);
  11. We believe in the decentralization of power based on a power sharing arrangements between various government entities.
  12. We believe the separation of powers with complete independence of the legislative, executive, and the judiciary branches.
  13. We believe in the free market economy with a social welfare system.
  14. We are committed to the preservation of our historical and cultural heritage, and the biodiversity of Iran.
  15. We support equal access and opportunity to education in a constructive and positive learning environment, free from ideological dogma and bigotry.
  16. We are committed to improvements in cyber-security and access, along with the protection of citizens’ privacy and information.
  17. We believe in the pursuit of a peaceful foreign policy and adherence to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and Weapons of Mass Destruction.